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Melissa Violette, Music Therapy Program Director


Melissa is a Board Certified Music Therapist and Director of the Music Therapy Department and Activity Program at Birch Bay Village. She is a native New Englander and her parents hail from Maine. Born in Massachusetts, and raised in Connecticut, she spent her summers in Maine as a child. She received her Music Therapy degree from Anna Maria College in Paxton Massachusetts in 1992 and came to Birch Bay Village with 23 years of music therapy experience in mental health.  
Melissa believes strongly in the healing power of music. Melissa states "Music is found in the same places in our brains as our language and memories. It universally connects our hearts and minds and bonds us to each other. The right song can transport us to another place and time, our loved ones, and ourselves. It is in fact, the sound track of our lives. When time steals words from us, it steals our lyrics last, but we can still use music to speak even when our words fail us."